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Ring, Ring! | Stylish Samsung Galaxy Cases

There’s this funny—and by funny, I mean terrible—thing about owning a non-iPhone: It’s much, much, MUCH harder to find a case. Sure, there are options at the phone store, and even a few at discount super centers and electronics warehouses; but while shopping you’re bound to see, over there in the corner smiling at you, the perfect phone case… made exclusively for … Keep reading…

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Hooray, Droid! | Five More (Free) Android Apps You Need

♪♫♪ I’m… Dreaming… Of more free… Droid apps… Just like the apps I’ve always loved… These Android apps are perfect for me… May all your Android apps… Be free. ♪♫♪ It’s no secret that Apple products and I don’t really get along. It’s phenomenal technology, don’t get me wrong, but I walked away from an iPhone several years ago when I found out you … Keep reading…

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday: Family, Food and an Argument for Shopping

During the rougher parts of this week, Lance kept reminding me of one simple truth: On Thursday, you’ll be at home, enjoying Thanksgiving with your mom. While she might have taught me all her recipes, many come out better when she makes them… Each year, the turkey is juicier, her green bean to bacon ratio is just right… Hell, she even makes … Keep reading…

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Thank You! | Oh Julia Ann named Best Written Fashion Blog

I keep myself comfortable through all situations with humor. Sad part in a movie? Make a joke. Fall up the stairs? Make a joke. It isn’t a good habit and it’s not the best way to respond to things– if for no other reason than you can’t always make a joke, and in those situations, you realize what an awkward person you … Keep reading…

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