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Saint Louis Fashion Blogger Awards | VOTE NOW!

Guess what! I have been named an official shortlist Saint Louis Fashion Blog Awards nominee! Thank you for your support and nominations– I’m rosy in the cheeks, I’m so flattered. After a year of blogging, I’m still surprised anyone besides my boyfriend (Hi, Lance) and mother (Hi, Mom) read this. So thank you. I appreciate it. I hope it is at least … Keep reading…

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A letter.

Dear guy who cut me off in traffic in the middle of an intersection and almost ran me into a barricade, Remember that time a cop appeared out of nowhere and pulled you over immediately after you almost hit me? Yeah, it was the best part of my Monday, too. Today was a good day for karma and justice and not being … Keep reading…

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Brunch around the Bonfyre

To continue the STLFW madness, Saturday morning started bright and early with Blogger’s Brunch, thanks to new phone app Bonfyre. From this experience I learned three things… I had not even remotely prepared mentally for the stylish intensity that was STLFW’s VIP Bloggers Getaway. Mimosas are delicious. My phone was severely lacking in proper social apps. The menu? Berry fruit salad, yogurt, mimosas and … Keep reading…

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5 Android apps you might not know you need (but seriously do).

iPhones might be cool, but Androids are cool and practical. Two years after getting the HTC Inspire it is neither outdated nor am I bored with it. How often do they replace iPhones? Hell, I don’t even know what number they’re on. 4? 5? Is it iPhone 5? Occasionally, yes, there is an iPhone-only app that sounds intriguing, and yeah, okay, there … Keep reading…

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