Hold on to your hat!

What peculiar weather we’re having… One day, we’re in the middle of a god-awful polar vortex, and practically the next it is 50-some degrees and breezy. Thanks for your always logical weather patterns, Midwest; I’m glad to know you’re consistently inconsistent. On the plus side, January temperatures like this create the perfect time to wear non-warming cold-weather hats, such as the felt … Keep reading…

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Find Me On… A Drop In The Ocean

Vintage pieces, pattern clashing, costume jewelry… Head over to the A Drop In The Ocean to see my full look and post!

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Guest Post: St. Louis Vintage Shopping

Dolls, let me introduce you to the charming and adorable Olivia from A Drop In The Ocean. I love vintage, she loves vintage, and we’re assuming you love vintage. Oh, and did I mention she’s a bargain hunter? I know; she’s perfect. Hey ladies, Don’t you just love a good vintage find? I am so thrilled when I look through the racks … Keep reading…

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Borderline Obsession: Early Fall Florals

Don’t get me wrong; I want to say “It’s after Labor Day! That means it’s fall! Hoooooray!” Really, I do. I wish it were 64 degrees outside. I, too, am ready for autumn. But the fact of the matter is, it won’t be fall for a few more weeks. [I now shrivel onto the ground like a bad special effects Buffy vamp… … Keep reading…

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