Who is she?

I’m Julia Ann, a 26-year-old style lover, bad joke maker, and content creator. Since it’s more fun to rant to an audience, I decided a few years ago to move my pointless tangents on fashion and lifestyle topics from the real world to the blogging realm. I love discount shopping, DIY projects, playing hostess, and mixing patterns. I live in St. Louis with my husband, Lance, and our pets: Cap’n Crunch and Count Chocula, the dogs, and Yogurt the cat. Outside of the site, I am a freelance reporter and a full-time marketer.

Care to know more? I was named after a Beatles song. I won a cat-themed outfit contest. I’m a huge fan of Jeeps, Disney, backgammon, and blind-box figurines. Until recently, I thought apples made everyone’s mouths itchy and not just mine. A little kid once told me I say “okie doke” too much. I have two middle names. I’ve been told that I’m “the loud one.”


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 Oh, Julia Ann was named the Best Written Blog at the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Saint Louis Fashion Blog Awards.


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