A Little Leaf Peeping

Lance and I are trying to soak in every last moment of our “just the two of us” lives, and today that took us to a nearby park for some leisurely walking and a little foliage admiration. Or as we just learned its called, leaf peeping, which sounds frankly scandalous. We’ve been inside so long that we couldn’t stop pointing at every.single.leaf. … Keep reading…

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30 Dirty Hair Fixes Under $30

“Dirty hair, don’t care,” has certainly taken a new turn during the stay-at-home orders. A chore I used to tackle every other day is lucky to happen once per week, and while my hair is definitely happier with fewer washes by day three or so it needs a little help. I used to consider myself a purse aficionado, but a recent closet … Keep reading…

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Mental Musings and Maternity Photos

Hi. My name is Julia, I am nearly nine months pregnant during a pandemic trying to manage owning my own business, a house remodel, a marriage, and three pets. I’m not sinking, but I wouldn’t say the last few months have been smooth sailing either. Mainly I’m just sleepy. There’s a part of me that feels riddled with guilt if I complain … Keep reading…

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Baby Budgeting: 9 Great Ways to Baby Shop During a Pandemic

After sweet congratulations, perhaps the most common reaction to me being pregnant during a pandemic is, “Of COURSE this would happen now.” And people don’t mean it in a rude way — it’s a fair, rather hilarious point. It does feel peculiar that after trying nonstop for four years we find out we’re expecting merely days before any sense of normalcy goes … Keep reading…

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