3 Ways We Keep Our Home Decor ‘Fun’

When we bought our house, we wondered what should make the transition from our college apartment to our first home. The posters lining the bedroom should maybe stay in a memory box, but what about the myriad of obscure, framed memorabilia? When you like blindboxes and retro tin toys, where’s the line between art and junk? Are we too old to have a framed comic book?

We decided we wanted to keep our house as fun as possible, with high-quality neutral backdrops (like the walls and major furniture pieces) offering a clean slate for our weird finds. While our house often looks more arcade than adult, we think we’ve found a few ways to keep it lighthearted without seeming like a dorm. Below are three foolproof ways we bring fun into our home decor.

Substantial, Quirky Wall Decor

Substantial is the keyword here. A band poster pinned on your wall and a matted, framed poster have two very different visual results. I prefer the latter. By keeping our quirky finds substantial in weight and size, they appear intentional on the walls and read more as artwork.


Take, for example, this small vignette near our couch. We pair a hefty marquee light with a framed Ikea print. I needed a third item to finish up the area, and I thought something round like a clock would really pop against the other angles. This skateboard clock from UncommonGoods (c/o) by Jason Podlaski was the perfect fit – and it pays homage to one of Lance’s all-time favorite activities while still matching the rest of our decor.


I’m actually really in love with this piece and can imagine it in plenty of other parts of my home; it’s made from recycled skateboards, and according to my husband, “smells like a skate shop” when you take it out of the box. (I don’t know what that means, to be honest, but it made him happy.) He may or may not have promptly gone into a major fit of nostalgia.

Funny Books

Between working at a bookstore in college and my family’s obsessive garage sale-ing, I have quite the collection of hilarious titles. Instead of keeping them all on the bookshelf, I tuck them around the house.


Who can see a title like “Zombie Haiku” and not smile a little?

Amusing Serveware

I fell in love with the idea of humorous serveware after seeing Jonathan Adler’s canister collection some years ago. It was reinforced when one of my best friends bought me a platter that is subtly shaped like a pig. When you only take these items out a few times a year, why not make them fun?


My new favorite piece is my Arcade Spinner Lazy Susan from UncommonGoods (c/o), as it is equal parts fun and function. You can spin the piece slowly to share snacks and toppings, or use it as a game board for parties! It even came with a list of game ideas included. What is more fun than that?


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Thank you for sponsoring this post, UncommonGoods! As always, all opinions are my own.

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