Fever, fever.

I think I am finally on the mend. While my throat and ears are still very sore– and I can feel the leftover head and muscle aches despite my desire to ignore them– my fever has lowered the the fog of the sinus infection has lifted, partly.

As a preemptive note I am declining any responsibility for typos in this blogpost, as I am still sick. There. I said it. Not my fault. Think of it as the charming part about a post regarding seasonal illnesses.

I took ill Wednesday evening and have been an exhausted mess ever since. Thursday and most of Friday were spent asleep, tossing and turning and battling some awful fever. Saturday was spent laying on the couch. Today I’m trying for sitting in the living room and– gasp!– taking the dogs out. Progress.

Maybe it was the season or the stress, but this sinus infection left me incoherent and useless. Honestly, in hindsight I am very surprised it was so temporarily debilitating; at least it’s starting to ease up, I suppose, so perhaps I shouldn’t questions it too much.

As I can’t spend this whole day panicking about what work- or final-related details I missed last week (ohmigosh, ohmigosh, I’m sort of freaking out, I hate missing work or class or meetings…) I decided to gather the things that made being sick bearable, and thank them properly for their ‘Heal Julia!’ contributions.

Fever, fever

1. Pajama Sets. Nothing like a proper set of pajamas to make you feel a little better. While I don’t own this set of Nick & Nora PJs, I do own a set, and they are the comfiest. Side note, I  really, really like this lilac-and-leopard pair. Aren’t they adorable?

2. Overpriced, totally delicious fluids. I’ve never been much of a keep-on-on-the-fluids kind of gal because, well, when I’m sick I sleep a lot and, well, I don’t tend to sleep drink. Living with Lance has changed that, however, as that man kept asking how much I was drinking and of what. He was even sweet enough to run to the store to buy me a multitude of juices and snacks. I have to thank VitaminWater and Odwalla (…and Lance, but his thank you is later) for my semi-speedy recovery.

3. Netflix. Honestly, it was really a two-day Gossip Girl marathon. It would have been four days, but the TV in our bedroom doesn’t work and I couldn’t get comfortable watching the netbook. (Also, I couldn’t stay awake more than 15 minutes on Thursday or Friday.) But now that I’m couch bound it’s Gossip Girl time, all the time. XOXO.

4. Cooling eye masks. The first 72 hours of being sick was a constant,terrifying headache. It was one of those headaches that makes you actually wonder if your head could explode from such a thing and, if so, how much pressure it would take. Although I was freezing (and melting, then freezing again…) I kept a cool eye mask on my forehead to aid the head and, in my non-medical opinion, I think it helped. Also, my eye mask says “Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer” which is hilarious. And according to Lance, laughter always helps.

5. Good ‘ole holiday spirit. At some point during the weekend, Lance assembled our Christmas tree. The thought of being able to put the decorations on it was enough to get me off the couch and into the chair next to the tree, at least for  a bit. It’s amazing how much my love for decorating can motivate me…

6. Love and affection. Alright, time to get cheesy. On Friday I was supposed to go out to dinner with mother and her best friend, but I obviously didn’t feel up to it. The two of them stopped by the apartment to drop off surprises on their way out of town, including my faorite chocolate covered fruits and super luxe brownies from some fancy-schmancy bakery. I don’t care how old you are, seeing your mom when sick makes everything a little better.

If I didn’t have pets, I don’t think I’d believe they can tell you’re sick– but I do have pets and they can totally tell when you’re sick. The dogs, despite their giant awkwardness, were gentle and cuddly. The cat has been next to me for the past 96 hours, nonstop. When I couldn’t yell loud enough for Lance to hear me, Yogurt even ran around the hallway meowing bloody murder until he woke up. Amazing.

Speaking of Lance, he was the biggest help of them all. The man lost his entire weekend to taking care of me and slept on the couch for a lot of it so I could flip-flop all over the bed. He deserves a medal. Or a man-gift (mift?). I hope he’ll settle for a big hug and, when I’m feeling better, homemade dinner.

Any ‘get well quick’ tips I’m missing? 

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