Party Idea: Memphis Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

Nashville is too expected. Miami is too expensive. Chicago is too… windy. If you’re planning a bachelorette weekend and need a destination, have you considered Memphis?

Earlier this year I served as matron of honor for Sara, my former maid of honor, and her gorgeous wedding. With her nuptials held the first weekend of April we had two options for bachelorette trip timing: winter or super early, and super early didn’t work with everyone’s schedules. So instead we decided to party in January, and Memphis was the destination selected by our bride.

Being me, I spent weeks meticulously researching, mapping, and planning our entire weekend. And since the party went off smoother than I could have ever imagined, I feel obligated to share. Or maybe just excited. Is this a humble brag of a successful party? …Yes.

Before the party got started, the bride and I had a little time to spend in Memphis just us two so we did one activity I think any bach party would love: tea at The Peabody, followed by the marching of the Peabody Ducks!

The tea service and accompanying food was delicious, and the entire hotel — including the famous ducks, of course — was seriously a sight to behold. If the price feels too high for a group I recommend arriving with your bestie early for the classiest pre-gaming of your entire weekend.

Staying at The Peabody also wasn’t in our budget, but the nearby SpringHill Suites were a lovely fit. We got two connecting rooms which was perfect for our six guests, as there were four queen-sized beds and two pull-out sofas.

Now onto the actual bachelorette party weekend. I spent a wild amount of time mapping out locations and timing our schedule, and I’m proud to say everything flowed smoothly and easily. If you’re going to Memphis for a bachelorette party, consider this a great starting point. (Click on each page to view it at full size.)

A bit about our group and why we planned it the way we did: this was a medium-sized party of 30-somethings women, several of which were only available to be in Memphis for 36 hours. The bride requested spooky, historical vibes and prioritized hanging out over clubbing. And after enjoying every moment of that weekend there’s only one part that wasn’t truly exceptional: lunch at The Farmer, which was only okay compared to each other meal being an actual lifetime favorite.

Arrival at SpringHill Suites Downtown
Dinner at McEwen’s
Games + Drinks in the Hotel Room

Breakfast at The Arcade
Exploring South Main Neighborhood
Lunch at The Farmer
Cooper-Young Neighborhood Shopping
Get Ready at the Hotel
Private Haunted Memphis Bus Tour
Dinner at The Beauty Shop
Drinks and Photobooth at Bar DKDC

Continental Breakfast

When I tell you the food in Memphis was awe-inspiring, know I’m not overselling one bit. My dinner at The Beauty Shop is quite literally one of the best meals I have ever had in my entire life — and we weren’t stuck waiting anywhere because each of these locations accepted reservations.

Our private haunted experience was definitely the highlight of the weekend for the bride. She’s a Halloween-loving history nerd so ghost tours are her jam — and since she’s rather introverted, a private experience without random strangers making small talk is ideal. The price was more than fair for the expertise and entertainment, and the spooky stories and ghost hunting equipment made even a skeptic like myself smile.

You may notice a few Memphis hot spots are missing, including the legendary Beale Street. We were able to stop by during our Haunted Memphis Tour since we booked a private experience and were in control of the activities, but in general bar hopping didn’t fit what this bride wanted since we had such a small window of time. If we’d had another day some Beale Street stops, as well as Paula & Raiford’s Disco and Flashback Memphis, would have been on the list.

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