Updating Our Porch for Autumn

I think I’m addicted to pumpkins. Admitting it is the first step, right? Every time I see another adorable outdoor fall accessory I want it for our autumn porch. But can you blame me? Look how  great it came together! The spooky Halloween lights will go up soon, but it keeps raining and I’m not in the mood to deal with the … Keep reading…

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The Best of Beige

Beige has such a bad reputation. Like ill-fitting khakis and cookie-cutter McMansions, beige is known for being so… boring. But beige is also the color of chai and cider and cinnamon rolls! (Can you tell I’m hungry?) Every autumn I pull out my beige oversized cardigan and my beige thigh-high socks and fall back in love with the color. Shop a few … Keep reading…

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Black and White and Spooky All Over | Halloween-Inspired Autumn Outfit

I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever been so excited for Halloween, and I don’t even have particularly holiday big plans. This summer has been a shit show—not bad, and honestly a ton of fun, but a shit show nevertheless. I’m still learning the ropes of this self-employed schedule, and after spending so much time at my house I’m thrilled for the change … Keep reading…

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Fall in Flared Jeans

HUGE NEWS GUYS! It was chilly enough for a jacket today. It was a fashion miracle. I spent the evening with a few of my favorite bloggers in St. Louis’ ultra hip Central West End pretending I was cool and/or wealthy enough to hang out there all the time while simultaneously destroying any chic points by chugging a pumpkin spice latte and … Keep reading…

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