(Even More) Cat-Approved Fashion

Today’s tutorial has been postponed because Yogurt the Cat will not leave me alone. No complaints – you all know I let me cat lady flag fly. Plus, a little searching pointed out it’s been way too long since my last feline-focused feature. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! Purr the norm with Cat-Approved Fashion, we’ll start with some rad pictures of the … Keep reading…

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Cat-Approved Fashion | The Purr-fect Sunnies

My cat’s idea of a perfect weekend is sitting on top of my laptop while touching both my leg and the soft couch blanket while we binge watch Netflix and move very little. My perfect weekend is a little different, but his idea is pretty great. Although it involved a little more moving than that, I had a fantastic weekend. My bestie … Keep reading…

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“Because I love cats, but hate people.”

Weird story: I recently picked up a curling iron by the hot part and turned my hand into a calloused, nonfunctional lobster claw. Brilliant. It should come as little surprise I have only wanted to leave the house for coffee. Thankfully, my best friend Sara got me a gift that explains how much I love cats and how little I love being social. … Keep reading…

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Quarter-past the whiskers.

My mother came to visit a few weekends ago to help with early wedding stuff — deciding on colors, attending a bridal show, other really rad mother-daughter stuff. While she was here, we realized I’d be 25 by the next time I saw her. (My birthday is later this month.) So obviously, she gave me a cat watch. I can’t imagine a better … Keep reading…

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