Early (Very Early) Christmas with Shane Co.

I distinctly remember the conversation. “So, whadya want for Christmas? No, like specifically. You’ve got to want something. Please tell me exactly what it is.” Since our first gift-giving Christmas together—you see, we started dating right around the holidays, so for our first actual Christmas he technically bought me food from the Springfield, Ill., Denny’s, as we weren’t on gift-giving terms yet—it … Keep reading…

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‘Twas A Smidge Before Christmas…

‘Twas a smidge before Christmas and all through the house, Yogurt was stalking his new catnip mouse. The stockings were stuck under the TV with hooks, And our duckling nativity scene was drawing all kinds of bad looks. The puppies were stoked about the brand new decor As Yogurt continued to stalk near the door. With me in my new blouse and … Keep reading…

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Unnecessary Things I Totally Need

Holiday deadlines and social commitments have me frazzled enough that I almost cried to a coffee pot because I thought it was taking too long to brew. (Not my loveliest  moment, but hilarious in hindsight.) Because shopping fixes everything—excluding any budget-related panic, obviously—I’ve rounded up my current favorite things I totally must own but can’t justify buying. The Mechanical Kitty Coin Bank … Keep reading…

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Discount Alert: Gift wrap as low as 30 cents at Target

With the holidays on the horizon, now is the time of pretty papers and tissues and ribbons and tags. Grab it while it’s cheap! I found these on an endcap at Target for as low as 30 cents. Happy shopping!

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