How to Deal with an Outfit Catastrophe

I’m not one of those women you’d refer to as graceful. You might say goofy or clumsy, or perhaps loud. You wouldn’t be wrong in saying over-caffeinated or jumpy. I’ll happily accept silly any day, but graceful I could not. So I can assure you that I’m as much an expert as any in the following fields. Outfit seem familiar? We were … Keep reading…

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Bulldog Bloopers

Foolish me. After our American bulldogs Cap’n Crunch and Count Chocula were pictured in ALIVE Magazine, I thought they might enjoy a bit more modeling. The dogs were such angels when they first donned their bow ties.  “I’ll get an outfit post out of the way, and take some cute photos with the boys,” I said to Lance. “It’ll be so fun.” Idiot. To … Keep reading…

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A letter.

Dear guy who cut me off in traffic in the middle of an intersection and almost ran me into a barricade, Remember that time a cop appeared out of nowhere and pulled you over immediately after you almost hit me? Yeah, it was the best part of my Monday, too. Today was a good day for karma and justice and not being … Keep reading…

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