5 Things Always in My Purse

Slowly but surely, I’m carrying less in my daily purse. I just can’t handle the weight on my shoulder. Aging is so fun, right? Regardless of bag, I have a few purse necessities. No, I’m not talking about my phone or my keys or stuff I actually need, but those items I think I need and feel like I need but technically … Keep reading…

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…And Everything in its Place

There’s no nicer way to say it: The day I found five gloves in my purse was the day I realized I needed to get my shit together. FIVE gloves? Five almost-but-not-actually identical gloves?! How none of them matched is beyond me. My thought process went quickly from Ooh, look, a glove! to Two gloves! to How many gloves have I purchased? … Keep reading…

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