5 Things Always in My Purse

Slowly but surely, I’m carrying less in my daily purse. I just can’t handle the weight on my shoulder. Aging is so fun, right?

Regardless of bag, I have a few purse necessities. No, I’m not talking about my phone or my keys or stuff I actually need, but those items I think I need and feel like I need but technically don’t need. You get the idea.

Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt Kind Bars | Purse snacks are incredibly important, and Kind bars don’t get soggy when squished. Perfect!

Goody Spin PinsYa know how you’d never leave home without a hair tie? Spin Pins do the same thing without the dents.  Much yes.

Smith’s Rose Lip Salve | Worth every bit of hype.

Brow PencilI care less about wearing makeup every day, but I still want perfect brows. Why? Because someone on the internet made fun of my eyebrows in 2002 and apparently tween shit stays in your head forever. Brow pencils in every purse forever. 😉

External Phone BatteryI totally don’t waste my battery every day playing stupid phone games… but if I did, I’d need an external battery. These gold pig ones are extra fun.

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