Midi Knit Dress

If you aren’t using your friends as outfit guinea pigs, you’re totally missing out. Let me explain. Your friends have their own style. It’s probably awesome, because I assume you’re awesome, and you probably chill with awesome people. They are going to dress that rad-ass way they dress. And if you don’t pay attention to that and possibly try a few friend-inspired … Keep reading…

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Julia’s Cozy Cocoon | It’s (Finally) Sweater Weather

You guys, I made arguably the best autumn decision of all time: I bought a knit cocoon. Yes, I bought a knit cocoon, and you should, too. You know that guilty feeling you used to get when the Snuggie commercial came on T.V.? Maybe it was just me. “Wow, they can stay warm while snacking and playing backgammon?” I’d think. “I love … Keep reading…

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Sweaters For People Who Hate Wool

If it itches, it should never be worn by anyone for any reason. This is 2013—clothing doesn’t have to itch, we have the technology! I know, I know, I act like a child in clothing with the slightest itch. But why pay money to look like a psycho all day, desperately trying to scratch your back Baloo-style on street lamps and passersby? … Keep reading…

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