Show Off the Stems! // My Return to Mini Skirts

When MySpace was king, I was Julia in Wonderland with the running bio ‘The redhead in the miniskirt.’ I took the tag to AIM and Xanga and LiveJournal and all the other social sites until probably the middle of college when I began swapping my short skirts with stretchy jeans. One by one, my teeny tiny skirts began leaving my wardrobe for … Keep reading…

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Vintage Mickey + Mini Skirt

Working in a casual office means I could easily wear the same outfit everyday — jeans and a pullover for the win, ya know? To add a bit of variation, on the weekends I’ve been trying to shake it up a bit. Mini skirts and Mickey Mouse might be the only thing I don’t wear to work, and honestly it’s likely just … Keep reading…

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Throwback Thursday’s Trash or Treasure: The Red Mini-Skirt

In my constant—yet somehow ever-failing—quest for a cleaner apartment, I’ve started boxing up old items to be sold. Hidden in the nooks of our closet and in the bins under our bed, I keep finding piece after piece of high school fashion favorites: band tees, patch-covered hoodies, beaded plastic bracelets. Yeah, back then, those were great… Almost as good as the quintessential … Keep reading…

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