Throwback Thursday’s Trash or Treasure: The Red Mini-Skirt

In my constant—yet somehow ever-failing—quest for a cleaner apartment, I’ve started boxing up old items to be sold. Hidden in the nooks of our closet and in the bins under our bed, I keep finding piece after piece of high school fashion favorites: band tees, patch-covered hoodies, beaded plastic bracelets. Yeah, back then, those were great… Almost as good as the quintessential young-Julia garment: the mini-skirt.

In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, I styled this red, plaid mini-skirt I found under my bed. To my knowledge, it was purchased from Hot Topic (a.k.a. my weirdly well-paying high school job) when I was 16, and it last saw the light of day in 2008 as part of a zombie schoolgirl costume. It’s stretchy, it has pockets, and—despite my not 16-year-old physique—it totally fit. But does it work with twenty-something Julia style? I have some fantastic memories that involve this skirt, but they’re mostly good stories because of the bands I wore it to watch. But maybe the skirt is an important part of the tale. Or maybe I’m too sentimental. Or maybe I just really, really love clothes.

See? This is why I need your help.



Currently wearing… Mini-skirt, from high school | Sweater, JCPenney [SIMILAR] | Black leggings, TJMaxx [SIMILAR] | Boots, Steve Madden [SIMILAR] |Necklace, DIY | Beanie, Target [SIMILAR] | Clutch, Target [SIMILAR] | Bracelet, vintage

So, tell me… Is it trash or is it treasure?


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