Hello, Charlotte!

I’ve been meaning to introduce you to my new best friend, Charlotte. She loves Christmas lights and snack time, so as you can imagine we’re getting along incredibly well. After four years of invasive, expensive, and incredibly painful infertility treatment I was reminded what all the work was for when my husband handed me this beautiful girl. She’s spectacular, and while over-said … Keep reading…

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Baby Budgeting: 9 Great Ways to Baby Shop During a Pandemic

After sweet congratulations, perhaps the most common reaction to me being pregnant during a pandemic is, “Of COURSE this would happen now.” And people don’t mean it in a rude way — it’s a fair, rather hilarious point. It does feel peculiar that after trying nonstop for four years we find out we’re expecting merely days before any sense of normalcy goes … Keep reading…

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Stretching All Over: Making My Wardrobe Work While Pregnant

Oh hi! I know I haven’t been on in a while. It’s good to see you again! My attention has been focused on three things: growing this human, prepping our house, and keeping my business afloat. I feel like I only have the energy for one, but alas they all need work. And so does this blog. Despite my general feeling of … Keep reading…

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After Infertility: We’re Having a Baby!

I’ve wondered when I would write this post for years. Sometimes, after particularly promising procedures, it felt imminent. Other times nearly impossible. After four years, six invasive procedures, hundreds of injections, and thousands of pills I can hardly believe it’s time to tell you I’m pregnant. My little girl is set to enter the world this November. And while I’m literally overwhelmed … Keep reading…

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