Hello, Charlotte!

I’ve been meaning to introduce you to my new best friend, Charlotte. She loves Christmas lights and snack time, so as you can imagine we’re getting along incredibly well. After four years of invasive, expensive, and incredibly painful infertility treatment I was reminded what all the work was for when my husband handed me this beautiful girl. She’s spectacular, and while over-said we simply could not be happier. Thank you, universe. I will be forever grateful.

So far my days of motherhood are spent bouncing a tiny tot on my leg listening to Cake – the only band that calms her down, for reasons we don’t understand – and answering work emails with my one free hand. It is chaotic and messy and incredibly fun. (And many of my clients are getting emails in the middle of the night. Sorry, but it’s the quietest time to work!)

And while I feel my maximum capacity for joy expanding daily, my internal stress meter is continuing to rise. For reasons that sounded good at the time, we have decided to take many of life’s most challenging moments and experience them at once. First we found out I was pregnant, which then brought us our amazing Charlie. A few months ago, my husband changed careers – and then decided to start night classes to learn yet another one. We made the decision to buy my childhood home, which means packing, selling our first house, and changing states. Oh, and there’s the always confusing and ever changing pandemic peppered into each decision (which makes it both harder and scarier to move, and yet another reason to leave Missouri in favor of a state taking precautions more seriously.) It’s an emotional time with equal parts excitement and overwhelm, but we’re looking at it like our next adventure.

So what can you expect from me? A few less fancy outfits, I suppose, since I currently live in leggings – excluding the maternity looks I forgot to share but am still going to post because that time I spent washing my hair won’t be for nothing. A lot more home content, I’d guess. After all, not only is this where we’re stuck but we’re planning a major redesign of my childhood home which calls for ample DIYs and design content. (Have you voted in one of my product polls on IG? I’d love your input as I pick finishes!) And hopefully a little site refresh if I can find the right design. I’m still me, but I’m me in a pandemic with a baby and a fluctuating small business. My schedule just isn’t the same as when I started this site in college, but I’m just as interested in making fun content as I was then.

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