10-Minute DIY Rhinestone Sunnies

Leading up to our wedding, every night was full of DIY projects. From the flowers to the programs to the favors, each detail needed to be designed, assembled, attached, or otherwise crafted. I’m officially married and the wedding was perfect, so all of the projects are done for now. Right?

Not quite.

I’ve still got this DIY bug and no huge project to focus on. I’m feeling craft-scatterbrained. I’ll do a few days of home decor, then an evening of scrapbooking, then back to obsessing over our garden. No focus, all the drive. Ya know what happens when you jump from project to project? Your house gets destroyed, you waste a lot of money, and nothing gets done. And that sucks.

Tonight I was at about an 8 out of 10 on the distracted scale and the house is utterly trashed — I couldn’t find all my crafting supplies if I tried. During my fruitless search for the remote I did stumble across an old box of busted beads with rhinestones floating around in the bottom and some scratched up sunglasses that rarely see the light of day. Oh, the possibilities… (Also seriously, where is the remote? It’s been gone a week and I’m starting to think we never owned one.)

Back to the point: Got 10 minutes and a glue gun? It’s amazing what you can accomplish.

oh julia ann - diy rhinestone sunnies - 1

oh julia ann - diy rhinestone sunnies - 2 - sunglasses

oh julia ann - diy rhinestone sunnies -  sunglasses - dog

Count loved these easy DIY rhinestone sunglasses even more than I did. He’s obviously the chillest one in the family. Slay, Count. Slay.

I’m super stoked about these rainbow sunnies. Who doesn’t want a little more silly sparkle and color for spring? Plus, I used up supplies I already had in the house, re-purposed an old pair I never wore, and kept my hands and brain busy so I didn’t pass out from DIY withdrawal. Pretty perfect, no?

I wonder what else I can glue to my glasses…

P.S. I used hot glue for this project because I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be permanent. Looking for it to last a long time? Try jewelry adhesive or super glue.

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