DIY Huggie Charm Earrings

Does anyone else really miss charm bracelets? I know technically they’re always an option, but at 33 having an instrument-level accessory announcing my entrance into every room feels like a lot. So to get my fix I’ve turned to my earrings.

Fun fact: I don’t know if it was pregnancy or time away from jewelry during the pandemic, but sometime in the last few years my ears started hating cheap earrings. Or heavy earrings. Or some days just wearing any earrings. How fun for a person with an enormous jewelry collection.

One pair that hasn’t caused problems is the Delicate Collection Demi-Fine Huggie Mini Hoop Earrings from Madewell. They’re really cute on their own, but after having to retire some more-exciting-but-now-itchy pairs I missed having a little pizazz on my hoops. (Off topic but am I making myself seem older and less cool by saying pizazz? Can someone give me a better word? My brain went to toddler mothering today and is, therefore, 86% mush.)

It started with these little flower charms (similar) and I became instantly obsessed. The 90s/early Y2K look is apparently on trend, but more importantly it pleases my millennial memories.

I’m sure you can guess where this is going. I’m sure you’re also thinking that calling this a DIY is bullshit. Completely fair. BUT SOMETIMES IT’S HARD TO FIND CRAFT TIME WITH A TODDLER SO WE’RE GOING TO PRETEND I STILL HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD FOR PROJECTS OKAY???

I disgress.

After realizing these charms look so cute I went through my massive jewelry box and found more. What do we think?

Is this finally the right use for my early 2010s Juice Couture charms? Probably not because they’re heavy, but since I refuse to get rid of these maybe tiny earring hoops are the solution.

On a more serious note I love the mixed tiny charms look. It feels like a gentle tip-toe into the mixed earrings look, which I still have mixed feelings about, and it uses the box of charms from broken necklaces I hoard for some unknown reason.

I think safety pins could be cute but I could only find some super thin, bent-up ones so I’ll have to report back when I can find something more heavy duty.

I could use it to wear tiny baby pictures of myself. Does anyone else in my general age group have these charms? Where did they come from???

Lance gave me these spooky plastic flamingos in my Christmas stocking (10/10 gift for me tbh) and I’m thinking I should go full mom style with themed jewelry at the holidays.

And that’s as many charms as I could try out during nap time. I may pick up some cuter options at the craft store ORRRR I may just keep looking for strange things around the house. Or I might forget to wear earrings at all for the next three weeks, stumble across this post months later and then start again. We’ll see I guess. XO.

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