3 Cheap DIY Dupes for Overpriced Holiday Decor

In case my two weeks of holiday giveaways didn’t make it clear, I’m a big fan of Christmas. But ya know what I don’t like as much? The crazy price of some holiday decor. Crate & Barrel, Neiman Marcus, Pottery Barn… Great stores, sure, but the price gets out of control. But that’s nothing a little Tacky Glue can’t fix!

I searched out three overpriced holiday items and figured out how to make them for a fraction of the cost. Scroll down for DIYs.

Flatware Stocking

Crate & Barrel Price: $17 for four

DIY Price: $4 for six

This is how my whole project got started… I (think I) got a targeted Facebook ad for these Crate & Barrel stockings, and then noticed these Walgreens cuties the same day while running errands. When they aren’t on the table, they look adorable on the tree.

Nutcracker Stocking Hook

Neiman Marcus Price: $40

DIY Price: $6

When I worked as a reporter, I used to get a hand-delivered Neiman Marcus holiday catalog every year for print consideration. It was always one of the funnier days at work, and the over-the-top items inside it were amusing topics for holiday articles.

Naturally, I turned to their site when researching this post. These $40 stocking holders seemed easy enough to make using dollar store nutcrackers and sale stocking holders from Target.

To create these stocking holders, I removed the hair from the nutcrackers and spray painted them silver using leftover silver paint from my wedding. (It was actually a mix of multiple cans of leftover silver paint… Gotta love having a reason to use what’s just taking up space. Ha!) Then I glued leftover pizza delivery magnets to the bottom and stuck them on the metal stocking holder. Ta-da!

Lit Glitter Birch Tree

Pottery Barn Price: $50 – $70, sold out

DIY Price: $11

YOU GUYS. These glitter birch trees sold out at those crazy prices. WHAT?

To make my own glitter trees, I bought a foam base at the craft store with a coupon, plus two sheets of brown craft foam. I had some twine around the house, so I wrapped and glued it around the base up about two inches. Then I created shingles with the foam and, starting at the bottom, worked my way up the tree. Every other row I poked a hole in a shingle and popped a dollar store battery-powered light in, running the wire underneath. Once the cone was covered I wrapped the top in twine and sprinkled fake snow over some glue on the edges. It may not be birch, but it also isn’t the same cost as a steak dinner, so we’re calling it a win.

Happy Holidays, dolls!

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  1. Tracy Owens
    December 20, 2016 / 10:21 am

    So clever!!!

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