5 Unexpected Ways your Laptop Can Help Your Wedding

How did people plan weddings before computers? (I’m only half kidding.)

Christmas came early this year when Intel sent me an Intel 2in1 Lenovo Yoga 900 laptop to try out. Suddenly my wedding planning is no longer limited to the office. Now I can work while — wait for it… — watching Buffy on the couch with Lance. Yassss.

The Lenovo Yoga 900 is an Intel-based product with Windows, like all the computers I have ever understood and enjoyed. What can I say? I am a creature of habit, and PCs are the pieces of equipment I best understand. So far I’m a huge fan of Windows 10; it is familiar enough to be easy-to-grasp, yet quicker and harder working than previous versions. Speaking of speed, this laptop transitions into a tablet with a simple fold at the hinge — couldn’t be faster. Other laptop perks include great battery life and a lightweight, yet durable, feeling. How have I been desktop-bound for so long?

Now back to what this piece of equipment has helped me recently accomplish: wedding tasks. A few weeks ago I blogged about how you can use your computer to create your own save the dates; scroll down now to see five more wedding planning processes that can be simplified by using your laptop.


Use a share doc to create and manage the guest list.

You can handle making your own part of the guest list, but what about your significant other’s half? Do you have his great aunt’s address? Do you know her mom’s best friend’s name? Make your guest list in Google Sheets so you can both edit a live document without missing anyone’s information. Download it as a CSV file to easily upload details to label printing sites or software.

Try: Google Sheets

Design your tables.

Do you want to mix ivory and gold or ivory and champagne? Head to a digital table designing program to check out color combos and linen options.

Try: BBJ Linen


Build your guest book.

Upload your engagement photos to a printing site to have them made into a guest book. Enlarge photos with a lot of white or light-colored space (like sky) to give people a place to sign, or leave room between the photos.

Try: Shutterfly

Create the seating chart.

Your cousin hates your other cousin, and they both are deeply allergic to cat dander, which your former boss’ wife seems to be oozing from her pores. Or something. Keep it all straight and get guests to the right place using a digital seating chart maker.

Try: WeddingWire


Accessorize your dress.

It’s easy to get caught up in the bridal buying spree without thinking about how the items match. Before ordering, use an outfit builder to make sure all your pieces play together the way you imaged.

Try: Polyvore

Happy planning!

How have you used technology to stay organized while planning an event?

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