A Day in the Life with vitaminwater

It’s an ongoing joke in our kitchen. We perpetually have several open bottles of vitaminwater in our fridge. I’ll open a Revive here, then maybe a XXX there, and then we end up with a colorful smorgasbord of tasty treats lining our otherwise empty fridge. What can I say? I can never make up my mind. My love for the drink started years ago when I realized an ice-cold one helped my headaches… and bad moods and otherwise in-need anythings. This obsession is why I was so excited when vitaminwater asked me to showcase ‘a day in the life’ and help raise awareness for its new campaign, #ProjectHustle.

In case you’re totally out of the loop, vitaminwater is here to ‘Hydrate the Hustle.’ It only makes sense that they help those with HUGE ambitions get a little further with its new project. #ProjectHustle is equal parts crowd funding and crowd rewarding: You can enter the code from specially-marked caps to support one of 10 projects online, and each one you enter has a chance to win a prize for you. Win-win, right? The projects, which can receive up to $50,000, were selected as finalists in March, and range from an event promotion app that lets you create flyers on your phone to a clothing line featuring redesigned vintage duds. No matter your style, there’s a project you’re bound to love — and a story you’d want to support.

Now, before I take my caps over to ProjectHustle.com (which you should, too!) here’s a peek at how I spend my Sundays, featuring my favorite colorful accessory, vitaminwater.

9 a.m. | Yoga
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (1)

I’ve been trying to start each morning with either an online yoga video or a calisthenics routine. Sure, it starts with 15 minutes of whining in bed, but busy days need more than coffee to stay alert.

10 a.m. | Breakfast and blog work
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (2)

Sundays are for blog work! During the week, I work a great full-time marketing job, so I try to do as much of the blog as I can over the weekend. Answering emails, setting up new posts, writing copy… The glasses are a huge help for all this screen time!

1 p.m. | Work on outfit for upcoming post
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (3)

After working on the site, I headed to our recently-reorganized closet to pick out a look to shoot later that day. Oh, and to admire the new space. Who knew we could find a walk-in closet in a 100+-year-old house?!

2 p.m. | Lunch and wedding planning
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (4)

Are you sensing a purple theme? Our wedding will be a mix of lilacs, lavenders, and plums with hints of ivory and metallic. While scarfing down a salad — is any meal more refreshing in the heat? — we went over some upcoming details. I demand more meals involve tulle and wedding mags, kthx.

5 p.m. | Head downtown for upcoming outfit post shoot
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (5)

Hello, Gateway Arch! Later in the day, we drove downtown to snap some upcoming outfit photos by the Gateway Arch. Keep an eye out for that post soon! Till then, here’s a little teaser. Gateway Arch, meet XXX vitaminwater. Two of my favorite things together at last.

7:30 p.m. | Dinner
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (6)

On the drive home, we picked up sushi. I recently discovered I like avocados. Who knew they weren’t gross? I’ve been craving all types of avo-friendly meals lately, especially sushi. Yum.

8:30 p.m. | Dog walk
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (7)

After dinner we took the boys for a stroll around the new neighborhood. Pull out the leashes and these babies turn into twitchy, drooling spaz balls. C’mon, guys, be cool!

9:30 p.m. | Netflix
OhJuliaAnn.com x vitaminwater Project Hustle STL (8)

Alright, alright, Sundays can’t be solely productive. We crawled into bed early for some serious Netflix binge watching. Yogurt obviously joined in. He is the neediest one in the house, after all. Okay, if you neeeeeeed kitten kisses, I suppose I can accommodate…

Tell me how you hydrate the hustle in the comments, and be sure to head over to ProjectHustle.com to find out more, help aspiring entrepreneurs, and enter for a chance to win big!

Remember: This post was sponsored by vitaminwater. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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