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I tried to write a carefully-crafted introduction to explain why proper music festival attire is a crucial aspect of a fun experience, but everything lacked the pizzazz I needed. There was no punch. I thought you’d miss the point. So here we go. There’s no nicer way around it. Sigh. I once had my top ripped off in a crowd at Warped Tour. Like a sad, lonely balloon in the wind, that stupid top and I parted ways in the blink of an eye. It straight-up abandoned me. Do I have your attention now? Great. Keep reading. Learn from my mistakes. The entire thing could have been avoided if I had picked an item that fit, or had some coverage options. Maybe now you’ll understand why you should think before you dress if you want to make the most of your ticket price this summer. Festivals aren’t cheap; don’t let a wardrobe malfunction screw up your day.

To make a long story short, I wore an ill-fitting bikini top with shorts to a music festival some eight or nine years ago, and the whole thing came undone during a circle pit at ten in the morning. To each their own, but my body is still craving coffee at that hour, so an accidental flashing was seriously less than ideal. I’ll leave out the painful details, but the only solution involved using a chain-link fence for privacy, which is, by its very chain-link nature, not private. That day, as I made painfully awkward eye contact with strangers, I learned the invaluable lesson of walking off a fashion catastrophe (more on that in a post soon) and why it is important to plan a proper outfit.

So, when Gordmans asked me to style a bohemian summer look that’s ready for festival season, I went for versatile items to create a look you could adjust throughout the day. Thinking about attending a festival this summer? Let me recommend summer-weight layers. Not only can it help you avoid my aforementioned sitcom-worthy nightmare, but it gives you options for sun coverage, warmth, and style.

Despite my all-too-memorable moment, I was always a huge fan of Warped Tour, so I decided to mesh a bit of the now-popular bohemian trend with my favorite teen styles — leopard? check. stripes? check. angst? double check. — and one of the classic Warped Tour staples, a skateboard. Sitting on them is about the only graceful thing I could ever do. But man, did I spend a lot of time sitting… and watching. When I wasn’t finding a low-hanging fire escape, I spent a big hunk of between-the-bands time in the early-2000s in parking garages, alleys, and stairwells watching people skate.  All that rebellious time spent dodging flying boards and watching boys fall was totally worth it, though; not only was it fun, but I’m marrying one of them next year. - Gordmans Bohemian Summer Outfit with Owl Tee (2) - Gordmans Bohemian Summer Outfit with Owl Tee (4) - Gordmans Bohemian Summer Outfit with Owl Tee (3) - Gordmans Bohemian Summer Outfit with Owl Tee (5) - Gordmans Bohemian Summer Outfit with Owl Tee (1) - Gordmans Bohemian Summer Outfit with Owl Tee (6)

Currently wearing… Shirt, tank, jewelry, and sunglasses c/o Gordmans | Skirt, TJX [SEEN HERE] | Booties, c/o Naturalizer [SEEN HERE]

I always go to Gordmans for home items, but I have to say the attire section was humongous. And so affordable! Those Nine West sunnies were $12.99 before the coupon. Speaking of which, don’t forget to bring this reader coupon into Gordmans during July 2015 for 20% off one item. Click here to download the coupon!

I’m off to go put in a 2006 Warped comp album. Is it weird that hearing these songs makes me want to put on a sweater? Or four?


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