Disney DIY: Easy Mickey Manicure

Hello from Walt Disney World! Have you been following along on Instagram? Lance and I are in Orlando celebrating our honeymoon, Disney style. (Well actually, we’re celebrating it hurricane style, but there’s some Disney thrown in!)


I may or may not have spent a lot of time planning meticulously detailed outfits for our days in Disney, all centered around my favorite characters… I just couldn’t help it, I get so swept up in the magic! So it should come as no surprise that my vacation nails are just as Disney-inspired as everything else in my suitcase.

Hoping to add some Disney to your digits? This manicure (and matching pedicure!) was so simple. After applying your basecoat, add two coats of your favorite color. I went with a Minnie-inspired red for obvious reasons; this shade is Danke-Shiny Red from OPI. Then, using tweezers, add a few teeny Mickey confetti pieces. I found mine on Etsy. Next, add one coat of sparkle to help the Mickeys look more visually connected to the rest of the nail; I think they stand out too much otherwise. My glitter is Sally Hansen’s Disco Ball. Add your top coat and you’re done!


Growing up is overrated!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has checked in about the hurricane! Lance and I are safe and sound at the beautiful Buena Vista Suites having a hurri-CAIN honeymoon. Get it? Get it? Check out my Instagram Stories to follow along!

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