Shopping for Mom Shoes

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Motherhood may not be my sole trait, but I’m in the toddler trenches these days — and the practicality of that means I need some wardrobe changes.

Pre baby, I followed a pretty standard Julia uniform: short skirt, tights, heeled ankle booties, crossbody bag. And some of that isn’t working these days, specifically the shoes.

It’s not that I’m ready to give up my heeled ankle booties. It’s just that, at a moment’s notice, I may need to book it across a room to keep a toddler from licking a mirror in a public space. And heeled ankle booties aren’t the best for this. 

Enter the mom shoe. As a sneaker skeptic, I wanted something I could swap in lieu of my normal heeled ankle bootie (how many times can I type that? lol) and the easiest transition I could think of was platform high tops. Visually, it’s a similar look, but comfort wise it’s a whole different game. I scrolled through all of the adidas women’s athletic sneakers and selected the Nizza Platform Mid Sneaker. And they. Are. Perfect.

When I need to get out of the leggings-and-hoodie mom uniform I like grabbing a long skirt and a band tee — because, unlike my previously beloved mini skirts, these don’t show my full-coverage undies when I bend over to pick up a binky. (And please note the DIY belt bag made from a thrifted crossbody purse. Cute right?) And with my cushy new sneakers I can look put together while out and about without having my clothing hinder my motherly duties.

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