Dry Winter Skin Fixes

Hi there, dry winter skin. How have you been? I’ve been pretty good, up until you returned of course. Warmer months in the midwest means humidity, and tons of it. I think those moist summers make the dry winter even harder to get behind. St. Louis just recently took a turn for the cold and both Lance and I suddenly have that dry, itchy skin. So cute! So fun! So sexy! (Insert eye roll.)

Looking to help our your dry skin? Here are four of my favorite products that do the trick.

Rodial Bee Venom Cleansing Balm

I can’t lie—I was a little nervous to try this out at first. Bee venom? On my face? I’m not allergic or anything (and if you are, you should be cautious of this topical product, if not avoid it all together) but the concept sounded… extreme. Dare I say, a little metal? I didn’t want to shy away from the Slayer of skincare, though, so I tried out this Rodial Bee Venom product and FELL MADLY IN LOVE. This is the most expensive skincare item I cannot live without and it is absolutely worth skipping a few Starbucks runs to keep it on your counter. You apply this face balm on dry skin and rub it in, then add water and wash off. The end result is a perfectly moisturized face with plumpness and major glow. You can see small results instantly, which make this a personal AM favorite for a morning boost. You need this. You’ll love it. You’re welcome.

P.S. This is so good it sold out at Soft Surroundings. Ha! You can also find it here.

Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel

Speaking of Rodial, the Rodial Stem Cell Magic Gel face lotion is the perfect addition after you cleanse. It pumps just a bit out a time, which seems to preserve what is inside—meaning, in my experience, all those beautifying bonuses stay fresh longer.

This lotion is great for daytime during the winter and even minimizes pores instantly, making it your ideal makeup base. And don’t be concerned about the mildly fragrant scent; I am incredibly, painfully scent sensitive and the nice (but stronger than my fragrance-free Clinique lotion) fades almost instantly.

Kocostar Rose Lip Mask

Goodbye, perpetually cracked lips! No matter how much lip balm I apply, I always have dry lips this time of year. This hilarious Kocostar Rose Lip Mask are great to pop on while winding down in bed as you scroll through Instagram (and they’re obviously perfect to wear while you take a few selfies for Stories.)

P.S. These apparently sold out… practically everywhere. Ha! Try these instead.

Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel

Ah, I have saved the best for last… The oh-so-viral Baby Foot. This might be gross to you or it might be satisfying. No judgement.

If you can’t guess, I find it SATISFYING. As I’m sure you’ve seen online, Baby Foot is a mask you put on your foot and wait for the skin to literally fall off. This was about four days after I put my mask on and it was insanely satisfying. Extra perk? I tried this out at the start of December and my feet are still pedicure soft. The only note I must add is it can be a strain on your marriage. My husband did not find my lizard-like feet attractive and was more than a little frightened by the flaking bits that popped out of my slippers. Oops.

What’s extra helpful is these products are from Soft Surroundings. And no, this is not a sponsored post—although their PR person did send these over for me to test out—which means I was not required or paid to write nice things. I just love that STL-based company and these moisture-focused items. And also Soft Surrounding’s cozy sweaters, but that’s a different winter blog post. Thanks for sending these over for me to try out, Soft Surroundings!

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