Easy Christmas Crafts to Make this Weekend

What do you do on holidays? Sure, there’s food… And more food, and more food, and maybe even a festive drink. Sometimes there are movies to watch, or family games to play. Maybe a nap.

And as of the last few years, in my family holidays come with a DIY. Nothing too complicated, of course! Just a simple craft project between meals.

Need some inspiration? These easy DIY Christmas ornaments take merely minutes to make and are incredibly inexpensive. Buy enough for your group and look around the house for things to fill them with. Here’s three ideas…

Broken Jewelry Christmas Ornament

Anyone else have a pile of broken jewelry you can’t make yourself throw away? In mine has sat a pile of old fake pearls and these broken light bulb earrings for literally years. I’m never going to fix them, so I figured it was time to repurpose them. Into the ornament they went!

Leftover Wedding Supplies Christmas Ornament

For this ornament I took leftover craft supplies from our wedding—specifically silk flowers and ribbon—and filled a hollow ornament. After our wedding, I sold almost all of the decor including my homemade flower arrangements. I kept just a few leftover stems knowing I’d find a place to use them around the house, and (since they don’t match our regular decor) this ornament is the perfect location!

Holiday Miniatures Christmas Ornament

My love for bottle brush trees continues! I took two small trees and dabbed the bottom with hot glue, then placed them into the ornament using tweezers. From the top of the ornament I hung this somewhat creepy/totally awesome vintage Santa gift topper, which sort of makes him look like a festive scarecrow but that makes me love it more.

Find more holiday DIYs (and cocktails!) here. Happy Holidays!

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