Fall Favorites: Best Nail Colors of the Season

My manicure is chipping, and it’s making me lose my mind. I keep reminding myself that I am painting my nails before bed tonight, but I can’t stop thinking about how much I hate when my polish is chipped. Anyone else get like this? Maybe? Possibly? No? I might be a little nuts about polish…

…Y’know, and other things. If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably noticed that my obsession with autumn extends past my outfits and into my food, decor, beauty routine and general happiness. (I promise, I’m saner than I sound.) While I wait for my perfect nail-painting time, why not keep busy by combining my two weird addictions into one logical blog post?

Autumn Nail Polishes

In love? Me too… Orange Glitter | Amethyst | Deep Red | Dusty Coral | Gold Metallic | Cobalt Blue // Graphic: Autumn Nail Polishes

Now, time to pick out today’s hue…

What’s your favorite fall nail color?

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