Hello, Curls! | Lee Stafford CHopStick Styler Review + Giveaway!

“Wait… is your hair actually curly?”

That has been the main response to my new ringlets thanks to the Lee Stafford CHopStick Styler.

Truth time: My hair isn’t actually curly, and it isn’t actually red. OMG!

[If you’re remotely surprised, I’m guessing this is your first time on this blog. Welcome!]

I was recently sent a Lee Stafford CHopStick Styler Ceramic Curling Wand to try out and review, and I am loving the product. It is an incredibly lightweight and skinny wand that heats up quickly, creates amazing ringlets, and has helpful features like a swivel cord and protective glove.

I’ve wanted curls for as long as I can remember. Before I felt comfortable using a curling iron, I was constantly researching (in magazines, because we didn’t yet have the internet) products that could bring out curls and salon options, like perms. Now I’m pretty addicted to my tapered curling wand, but it is designed to create soft, loose curls — nothing quite as dramatic as what I have here.

While trapped in my house during the ice storm, I decided to dedicate 20 minutes to curling my hair with my new CHopStick Styler. I divided my washed-the-day-before hair into 16 segments, each about 2 inches wide, and held them to the wand for about 15 seconds.

Normally when I try to curl second-day hair, it falls flat almost instantly. The CHopStick Styler creates such tight ringlets that my curls holds on clean and dry-shampoo’d hair — a great feature for me, as my main issue with not washing my hair is how limp and lifeless it becomes.

I mean, look how skinny this thing is! I could have created even more volume and curl if I’d used 1-inch sections of hair, but the layers in my hair make tighter curls look a little bananas.

After curling my entire head, I took a bit of hair oil and rubbed it on my fingers, then separated the curls. Voila! Perfect curls!

I am so impressed by this product. It works wonderfully and the results are long lasting. And in case you’re curious, while I was sent this product to try out, these words aren’t sponsored — I’m just really, really impressed with it.

Now since I haven’t had curls like this before, I need to learn about the responsibility of ringlets. So far I’ve realized brushing them is a no-go and it’s much easier to lose a bobby pin or hair tie in there than it is with straight locks. Speaking of bobby pins, I think this would be a great base for an updo since I have so much more volume than normal! Maybe that will be my next snow day activity…

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  1. Nelle
    January 14, 2017 / 6:25 pm

    Love the ringlets! You may have to pin curl them to keep them or just put them in a pineapple style bun on the top of your head before bed.

    • January 15, 2017 / 4:22 pm

      Oooh, both great ideas! It definitely did get a little messy overnight. Ha! Thank you!

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