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I am hungover.

Well, I should specify. I am mildly hungover. I am not so hungover that I cried or couldn’t figure out how to make coffee, but I am hungover enough that my eyes rejected mascara and my body gagged a little at two different scents, one of which belonged to a food I really like. Cute, huh?

My hangover solutions have changed so much with time. I started as a solid greasy breakfast hangover gal, then moved to dry carbs + dry carbs — specifically, Denny’s pancakes with Denny’s onion rings, not eaten at the same time but alternating between the two. For a bit, around the launch of the Taco Bell breakfast, I turned to spicy greasy breakfast food, and then specifically to all things cold for a while.

In fact, my most hungover day of 2016 was saved by a frosty treat. My husband, who has never had a drink and therefore has never had a hangover, asked me to play miniature golf in direct sunlight while my body used all available energy just to be able to lift my right arm. Somewhere around the sixth hole of the course, I couldn’t get the stupid little ball in the stupid little hole — and a group of children kept running and screaming and the sun was so incredibly hot and the hangover was so incredibly bad — and I had a hangover-induced breakdown. As I contemplated setting up shop in the faux castle, to wait for the hangover spirits to drag me to hangover hell, my husband asked if I’d like a snow-cone and I actually cried with joy. As in, real tears in a crowded Putt Putt while Lance shuffled me toward the shaded snack hut where I got an icy children’s dessert named after the same cocktail that had put me in my current predicament. Parents looked alarmed. Children starred. It was not my shinning moment. But it worked.

If snow-cones were readily available, they’d still be my hangover cure. But alas, the closest thing I can find this time of year near my house is a Slurpie which is not at all what I want.

Today I went for a multi-sense hangover solution pack. Breakfast was coffee, green juice, and Toaster Strudels, with a side of Beavis and Butthead for easy laughs. Then I munched on Pocky and played some mindless game on my phone in my pajamas until we had to leave the house — and when we left I wore the same leggings I’d slept in so it felt like I was still in pajamas. After I wrapped up my evening with cheap frozen pizza and spicy sriracha + kitten cuddles and my fav dramatic TV shows.

It wasn’t a snow-cone, but it did the job.

Currently wearing… Stay Home Club shirt [HERE] | Skirt, TJMaxx [SEEN HERE] | Boots, Naturalizer | Rebecca Minkoff 5-Zip Purse, Nordstrom Rack | Beanie c/o Free People | Jacket, Express [HERE] | Sunglasses, Avalon Exchange

A t-shirt that expresses my true opinions about hangover day and matching cat sunglasses to block out that awful light were obvious choices. Happy Sunday.

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