Home Sweet Home


Hey guys and dolls! Long time no post, huh? A whole week since my last update… crap. Here’s the deal: We moved over the weekend, and every day leading up to it (along with every day since) has been 100% focused on the house. I’ve been a bit too busy accidentally stabbing myself in the hand with dull screwdrivers to stop for an outfit post — plus, we just got our hot water turned on, so my hair has not been at its best. I won’t bore you with the details, but home ownership thus far has been a combination of joy, panic, debt, doubt, and bliss. I feel very grown-up… and also like I want to call my mom. Or just get a few more minutes of sleep. Or stop buying anything for like a second. At least we’re down the street from a hardware store? (And like five different places that serve coffee. Hallelujah.)

I promise to unpack my wardrobe soon. Till then, wish me luck. The soon-to-be Cain Family has found a home!

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