Home Tour: Getting My New Makeup Vanity Organized with Gordmans

Like a lot of old, city houses, someone at some point turned what used to be our porch into an extension on the home. It gave us a mudroom and a bedroom nook, and frankly it was a great idea. I’d so rather have storage than a porch. The only downfall is I wasn’t ever sure what to do with the upstairs addition. Having a huge master bedroom is great, but what all do you put there? Chairs? Do you do a lot of sitting next to your bed? After 18 months of using the space for random storage, I finally turned it into a functional feature.

Welcome to my new getting ready area…!

By making part of this nook into a vanity area, I was able to sincerely de-clutter our bathroom and finish decorating the bedroom. I used our old desk, which was in storage in the basement, as a vanity table, and I repurposed a few items around the house to fill in the area. And then I headed to Gordmans, where I was invited to buy $100 worth of home organization items to start my year cleaner. While there, we found this amazing black metal storage unit and mismatched baskets which has tied the room together and given me the storage I need. Take a look!

Seen here… Four-level metal shelf c/o Gordmans | Baskets c/o Gormans | Stool, Ikea | Desk, Garden Ridge |  Drawer Pull, Anthropologie | Makeup spinner, Bed Bath & Beyond | Silver mirror, Big Lots | Lamp, Walmart | Cart, Ikea

This four-level shelf is just a bit industrial, which made Lance and I notice it the second we walked by it at Gordmans. It was actually his idea (bravo, baby!) to find baskets to fit inside, since most of my items are so small. I think the woven texture pops nicely against the metal. They had a lot of storage options there, but we felt this one made the most sense from a useful standpoint and matched our decor. Plus, after coupon, all the baskets and the shelf were less than $100.

The top shelf holds my face products: my anti-acne light mask and my obsessive sheet mask collection. Under that are paper products I use while applying makeup, like sponges and Q-Tips. The next level is nail products, including tools and polishes. The final bin is sample products, which is sort of insane but also one of the fun perks of blogging/attending a lot of events. (Can you tell why I had to cancel my Birchbox? Ha!) Since the bottom basket is so full, the shelf is really stable even on the thick carpet.

Do you see that adorable STL map behind the shelf? I love how it peeks out from behind the shelf; it’s all the things I like about layered clothing, but in home decor. The artist behind this and so many other beautiful maps recently asked if I’d like one of her pieces, and I was both thrilled and honored. This blue and yellow St. Louis map is amazing; the colors pop so well, and it looks like a million bucks displayed in a cheap Ikea frame. Be sure to check out more of her work!

Moving to the table, I used the makeup organizer I already owned as well as a few vintage glasses to display my products. The desk’s lone drawer holds palettes and powders (hence the white dots… whoops) and a few hair clips. Then on the right are my mirrors and a few knick knacks. Also on the desktop is a shallow dish I bought when I first moved out of my mother’s house, and a few makeup products I’m trying out right now. I’ve recently fallen i n L-O-V-E with Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick, and Influenster just sent me this Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder with powder puff to review and so far it is the best.

Quick note: I’m not going to be one of those people who lies and says, “I always keep fresh flowers in the house!” Flowers are amazing… and expensive. I have an obsessive coffee addiction to maintain, guys, and my Starbucks order isn’t cheap. First of all, if and when I have flowers, they normally live in the kitchen. I got to take home a centerpiece from an event I recently attended which is how I have something so lovely in my bedroom…except I’m writing this from downstairs, and they’re magically down here now too.  Maybe they have been moving from room to room with me. I DON’T WANT THEM TO BE ALONE OKAY?

To the right of the desk is my former craft cart. I felt like it wasn’t getting a lot of use for craft supplies so I made it a beauty cart I can roll from the bedroom to the bathroom depending on where I want to do my hair. It holds curling irons, dry shampoo, travel cases, and more.

I am thrilled Gordmans inspired me to finally finish this space, and even happier we could do it for so little money. It feels great for everything to have a place!

Now, what room to finish next…

Thank you for sponsoring this post, Gordmans! As always, all opinions are my own.

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