Inside My Weekend Purse

It is almost the weeeeeeeekkkkeeennnnnddd…! Time to stop washing my hair and switch into my little purse.

Inside My Weekend Purse - Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody Handbag - Oh Julia Ann (3)

I typically carry a small(ish) Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag over the weekend. What’s inside? More than you’d think for such a little purse!

I carry a little red card holder instead of a full-sized wallet on the weekends. My work keys clip off my regular keys, leaving a smaller set to carry around. And I never go anywhere without a pair of sunglasses — these QUAY ones are from Nordstrom Rack.

Over the weekend, my cosmetics bag is decreased to only a few essentials: a Lanôme Dual Finish powder compact, Crabtree & Evelyn Citron Hand Therapy lotion, a Clinique Black Honey lip color, a few Goody Spin Pins (like a hair band with no dents!), and a mini hair brush. Notice how small my brush is? I popped the brush part out of a folding travel hair brush to save a little more purse space. Unpictured are the four items I keep in a pocket of every bag: a moist towelette, a toothpick, a safety pin, and a tampon. Being prepared is the bees knees, folks.

In the snack department, I have a KIND Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt Bar and a pack of Trident. As a pro snacker, let me tell you KIND bars make the perfect purse snack. Unlike cereal bars, they’re still delicious smooshed. You’re welcome for that tip in advance.

Last up, I always have my headphones and my Samsung Galaxy. Cute case, right? GoCustomized, a site that makes personalised phone cases, let me create my own, so I  made one with donuts obviously. Being from a Springfield means we’re a little Simpsons obsessed, so a pink sprinkled donut is simply too perfect.

Enjoy your weekend!

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