Move that tassel from the right to the left, because I am a college graduate.


Anyone want to guess what I did this weekend?

After ten semesters of college I have finally earned myself a Bachelor in Arts in Communication with a journalism focus and a certificate in creative and professional writing. Take that, college!


When I finished my last exam on Thursday afternoon I sat outside of the building– which is also the building I work in, meaning it’s where I have been for the majority of the last two years– and starred. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have to go anywhere. Do I just wander off campus like this wasn’t a huge part of my life? Should I just go home? Could I stop being so dramatic and sentimental and stereotypical?

I’ve always been the kind of person who has known what I would be doing tomorrow and next week and next month and next year and now I can’t imagine much past Tuesday. And although that scares me to the bone– sincerely, it does, as I seem only able to move the hand with the burning Marlboro to my lips when I think about it too much– there is something refreshing about the uncertainty. I might be lying to myself, but for whatever reason I think a little unsteadiness might be helpful. When I think about the great writers I so admire, I remember the incredible stories they’ve recorded and wonder why I’m losing sleep over an accomplishment like graduating college.

I’m not sad anymore, nor am I scared about the looming unemployment after the loss of my campus jobs. As the daughter of a deceased plumber, I worked hard to get into a university and harder for the 90 percent scholarship I received. Somewhere, a hiring manager is going to see that dedication and give me a chance. I just need to find them.


As I am now focused on only the good aspects of leaving the college life, I am thrilled to announce that the event and evening were perfection.

The ceremony wasn’t too long– thank goodness– and the speaker was actually recognizable and captivating. After the ceremony myself, Lance and my mother went to the reception which served surprisingly tasty finger foods and desserts, then headed to the Soulard neighborhood to meet my friends Josh and Sara for dinner at my favorite celebration restaurant: Tucker’s Place. My mango margarita and 16 ounce bacon-wrapped medium-rare filet with loaded baked potato– we’re Midwestern, and yes, the meat ‘n potatoes combination is the best–was amazing. I repeat, it was ah-maze-ing. Before heading home we stopped into Soulard’s famous McGurk’s pub to enjoy the stained glass, tin ceiling, brick archways and celebratory beverages.

Speaking of celebratory beverages, they seem to make a popular graduation gift. Thus far I have received not one, but two bottles– Sailor Jerry, one of my longtime favorites (there is a pin-up girl inside the label, c’mon!), and Skinny Girl Peach Margarita, a delicious new find that I can’t recommend enough– and I am not complaining.

And, in case anyone actually reads this, I ended up buying and wearing a dress I posted about some time ago. Amazingly, I found it on a Macy’s sale rack for under $25… Marked down from something crazy like $130. After all, I’m a college-educated lady. I can’t be making frivolous,  uneducated decisions like paying full price, now can I?

This weekend has been the best kind of blur; I’m off to enjoy the rest of it.

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