Nerd Love: Storage Solution for Vinyl Figures with Gordmans

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If home is where the heart is, our house ought to be full of ample nerd nonsense—and it is! From attending press screenings together and gabbing about theories after to our semi-annual “Viewing of the [Whatever Superhero Series We’re Currently Stuck On],” my husband and I have countless fond memories related to our favorite fandoms. “We’re nerds—but at least we’re nerds together,” he says. After years of following things like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Disney movies, our home is full of ample souvenirs from our personal favorites, often in the form of silly vinyl figurines that make us both smile. But what exactly are you supposed to do with those heartwarming chachkies?

While we adore the fun trinkets and creative clutter that come with our shared fandom, many collect dust and take up space on end tables. During our last trip to Gordmans, we wandered the store exploring the unique and affordable storage solutions to find something that could help house (part) of the collection. Our solution? An empty, wire lamp that matches our occasionally industrial home decor.

Okay so it looks a little dramatic in that photo. Ha! We were trying to get a few shots earlier, and I spotted this intense outtake while editing. It reminded us so much of some indie album cover I had to use it.

Here’s a better look.

I took some of our favorite Pop! Funko figurines—almost all of which have been birthday or Christmas gifts from Lance over the years—and attached them to the insides of the lamp base using thin, black hair elastics. Now I can have reminders of some of our favorite things on my desk without the added clutter. It’s a perfect solution, and the lamp was on sale at Gordmans for less than $30! Can you say small-space storage solution four times fast?

While I know my colorful style isn’t for everyone, the concept of keeping what you love around the home certainly is! And you can share how you make your home where the heart is and help out the American Heart Association. Share what warms your heart (or your heart-healthy tips) on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #GetPumpedForHeartHealth, and Gordmans will donate $1 (up to $10,000) to the American Heart Association during the month of April. And be sure to check out your local Gordmans for special in-store events and initiatives in support of this important nonprofit.

What warms your heart around your house?

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