Pin-Up Polka Dots and a Style PSA

This shirt looks terrible on the hanger. When I found it crumbled in the wrong area of a Nordstrom Rack, it was falling off its hanger, barely clinging on by one tiny security strap. I only gave it a second look because it felt like a really nice kitchen towel, which was rather intriguing. When I realized it had a less than traditional shape—off the shoulder? peek-a-boo stomach? tie waist? open back slit? that’s a lot…—I decided to try it on simply to see how insane it would look.

I obviously loved it.

We’ve talked a bit on here before about the importance of trying on clothing. After all, that Rachel Roy dress I have and adore was only found for 95% off because it too is absolutely hideous on the hanger. The uglier it looks off a body, the cheaper you can probably find it. Who doesn’t love the thrill of a surprise success at a major markdown price?

What I didn’t mention in my last Try Things On PSA was the importance of adding the rest of the outfit: other apparel, accessories, and undergarments. If you wear a bra, you know the right one changes an outfit—and, for me at least, that’s so rarely the one I’m wearing while shopping. If you are interested by the fabric, the pattern, or the color but concerned about the fit, check the return policy and consider bringing it home for a test drive. You might just find your new favorite summer piece, with major money left to spare.

P.S. Love this top? Me too. It’s still available at Nordstrom Rack and it comes in a matching dress form!

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