Save, Save, Save! | How to pair Target’s new Cartwheel app with other coupons, etc.

Discount-king Target’s latest money-saving tool, Cartwheel, has a silly name but a good purpose: additional savings. Like any new app, we need to figure out all its possibilities– and from my early calculations, Target’s Cartwheel is going spectacular for those patient enough to pair outside coupons. Key word: patient. 

target cartwheel image

Linked through Facebook, Cartwheel provides on-the-go coupons for a variety of products. You know I love a good discount, and the majority of the clothing Target sells (PS: these images, excluding my screenshot, all belong to Target, and they’re great, too!), but the some of the listed Cartwheel savings are hardly anything to write home about. Five percent off? Is that a joke? I used to clip hundreds of coupons per week and carry around a giant coupon binder! I need a better deal than that.


During my time as a crazed coupon addict, I found out that Target has a fairly liberal coupon policy. If you want to jump on the discount bandwagon, try pairing a Target Cartwheel coupon with a printable Target web coupon to save even more. For example, check out this deal currently available with these classic cardigans. First, we have your two coupons: one you print at home, and one you save to your phone.

Target Sweater Coupon
Target Web Coupon
Target Cartwheel Sweater Coupon
Target Cartwheel Coupon

These sweaters are currently on sale, according to the Target website, for $18. Since one of the coupons specifics two items, pick two patterns and buy away.

Target Sweaters

Regular price: $22.99/ea.
Sale price: $18/ea.
Coupon price: approx. $10.80/ea. + tax

That’s right– it is damn near a BOGO free deal with these two coupons on your side. Hold on! you’re probably saying. One coupon was for two items, the other wasn’t! Don’t fret– “Each Cartwheel offer may be used for up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction.” On a similar note, remember two additional things: always check the expiration date before waiting on a deal, as these Cartwheels have short shelf lives, and know there is a “limit of 1 Cartwheel barcode per transaction and 6 Cartwheel barcode transactions per day.” Now back to the savings.

That five buck discount already on the item is hardly a real Target sale, so I think we can do better. Stretch the money even further by pairing up purchases with advertised sales, such as the current BOGO 50% off women’s shorts sale. Find out what is included in the ad, and grab the two coupons like before.

Target Shorts Ad
Advertised Target Sale
Target Shorts Coupon
Target Web Coupon
Target Cartwheel Shorts Coupon
Target Cartwheel Coupon

Now let’s imagine you’d like two pairs of these charming cuffed cut-offs, which you probably should as they’re perfect for this August and all of next summer. Grab a medium and dark wash, your phone, your coupons, and spend…

Target Shorts

 Regular price: $19.99/ea.
Sale price: $14.99/ea.
Sale + coupon price: approx. $9.55/ea. + tax

…a lot less. Target policy truly allows for great savings, and the new Cartwheel app is creating even more opportunities for discounted shopping victories. Prices may vary due to the order the register reads the coupons/discounts, but there is distinct room for savings without having to wait for items to hit the clearance rack. Each item purchased at Target can have all of the following discounts applied: 5% Target card discount, one store sale, one Target web coupon, one Target Cartwheel coupon and one manufacturer’s coupon. While the latter only applies to non-store brands, it means that during the right week you could figuratively pair a category sale with an item Target web coupon, a Cartwheel brand coupon and a manufacturer coupon on the same item. Pairing merely a store and manufacturer coupon used to snag me little weekly freebies like nail polish and eye shadow all the time; add another discount to the mix and things are bound to get good.

Imagine the coupon possibilities! Thriftiness, ahoy!

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