So It’s Going to Rain on Your Wedding Day | Wedding Photo Ideas in the Rain

Take a deep breath: Your photos will be fine if it rains on your wedding day. Even though we had an indoor wedding, I panicked when I saw storms in the forecast before our big day. We budgeted for great photos… Will we be able to take any if it rains?

Let me take one worry away. You have three great options during rainy weddings and all of them can still bring your dream photos. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and don’t let those storm clouds ruin your fun. Here’s how to handle the rain.

Wedding Photos in the Rain

The easiest option? Accept getting a little wet. This is obviously dependent on how hard it’s raining and if you’ll get muddy and if it will ruin your good time  but when it started only spitting we went outside for photos under the gray clouds. Sure, it messed up my hair a little and the bottom of my dress got a little wet. Everything was good again by the reception! Certain things even photograph better in the rain, so there are some aesthetic perks. Some photographers wet cement for architectural photos, for example, so sidewalks may look better in rainy wedding photos. The cloudy skies mean fewer eyes closed in the sun, and the colors of your wedding really pop in the images. I love how the blurred headlights and wet, start-of-spring nature looks in our photos!

Wedding Photos Indoors

Our original rain photography plan? Take wedding photos inside. We selected a Unitarian church for our non-religious ceremony because I wanted the walking down the aisle experience in a somewhat traditional setting. (Plus, this venue was affordable and the heavy architectural features are obviously stunning.) We were told they were comfortable with us using the space however we wanted for photos, so we snapped tons beneath the gorgeous ceiling and near the oversized windows.

Wedding Photos with Umbrellas

Rain calls for one obvious accessory: umbrellas! I realized it was going to rain about a week before our wedding, so I ordered a bulk pack of wedding 10 umbrellas from Amazon for about $40 total. (And resold them right after in a wedding resale group so I didn’t lose a cent!) Not only were these practical additions, they were incredibly photogenic. I love the nontraditional element they bring to photos — we got tons of beloved action shots while walking around with them! They add a little drama while easily fixing the rain/photo problem.

Still worried? Here’s a few of my favorite rainy wedding photos from Instagram.


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And just remember: It’s apparently good luck if it rains on your wedding day!

My wedding photos are by Chameleon Imagery. See more of my wedding dress, reception, and DIY projects!

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