An Open Letter to my Thyroid Cancer

Dear Thyroid Cancer, What the fuck were you doing there? When did you creep into a body part I rarely thought of, and why the hell did you think you were welcome? How long were you living there? What were your intentions? Who gave you a key? Explain yourself. It all started eerily close to the episode of New Girl where Nick … Keep reading…

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A letter

Dear autoshop with the broken sewer line that’s drowning in sewage, Remember that time you towed one of our cars and, despite driving by our house, made us walk home? And then honked and waved at us when we were still walking 1:30 a.m. in winter wrapped in blankets we found in the car? And then tried to charge us hundreds upon … Keep reading…

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A letter.

Dear guy who cut me off in traffic in the middle of an intersection and almost ran me into a barricade, Remember that time a cop appeared out of nowhere and pulled you over immediately after you almost hit me? Yeah, it was the best part of my Monday, too. Today was a good day for karma and justice and not being … Keep reading…

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