Hold on to your hat!

What peculiar weather we’re having… One day, we’re in the middle of a god-awful polar vortex, and practically the next it is 50-some degrees and breezy. Thanks for your always logical weather patterns, Midwest; I’m glad to know you’re consistently inconsistent. On the plus side, January temperatures like this create the perfect time to wear non-warming cold-weather hats, such as the felt … Keep reading…

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Sweaters For People Who Hate Wool

If it itches, it should never be worn by anyone for any reason. This is 2013—clothing doesn’t have to itch, we have the technology! I know, I know, I act like a child in clothing with the slightest itch. But why pay money to look like a psycho all day, desperately trying to scratch your back Baloo-style on street lamps and passersby? … Keep reading…

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Obsessing: Frenzy of Floral Dresses

Quick confession: Today was insane, so I’m letting my brain take the night off. I’m enjoying Dr. Pepper+whipped vodka, bagged candy and leftover Mexican food while watching entire seasons of terrible teenage girl TV and online window shopping. Judge away– it’s great. Anywho, back to the online window shopping. I’m obsessing… Floral Obsession by ohjuliaann    H&M | Anthropologie | TopShop | … Keep reading…

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Unusual necklines for unstoppable outfits

I’ve always known my pick: V-neck, all the way. While I have mixed emotions about men in V-necks– a discussion for another day– they’re both flattering and comfortable on ladies. And although I can stay happy with the same-old, same-old (ahem, I’ve ordered the same sandwich at Subway since 1995), today I wore something a little… sharper. As a birthday gift, Lance … Keep reading…

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