Sunday Funday… At Home | Stay Home Club Tee

I am hungover. Well, I should specify. I am mildly hungover. I am not so hungover that I cried or couldn’t figure out how to make coffee, but I am hungover enough that my eyes rejected mascara and my body gagged a little at two different scents, one of which belonged to a food I really like. Cute, huh? My hangover solutions have changed so … Keep reading…

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Poncho Party

Saturday we hosted a sit-down dinner for a dozen people. Sunday, for understandable reasons, I just wanted to be comfortable. But we needed to leave the house. The struggle. Thankfully, after Thanksgiving I picked up a sale poncho because I care more about coziness than sex appeal at this point. This time of year I’d like to be physically wrapped in bread … Keep reading…

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Throwback Thursday’s Trash or Treasure: The Red Mini-Skirt

In my constant—yet somehow ever-failing—quest for a cleaner apartment, I’ve started boxing up old items to be sold. Hidden in the nooks of our closet and in the bins under our bed, I keep finding piece after piece of high school fashion favorites: band tees, patch-covered hoodies, beaded plastic bracelets. Yeah, back then, those were great… Almost as good as the quintessential … Keep reading…

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Layering Watches | Do You Know What Time It Is?

The layered look is still dominating jewelry, and it’s given us the perfect opening to revive the 1980s multiple watch trend. Welcome to the punctual arm party. Currently Wearing… Watches, c/o May28th [From top: 02:19 PM, 01:53 PM, 08:57 AM; Find them HERE] | Pullover, Urban Outfitters [SIMILAR] | Chambray Shirt, Express [SIMILAR] | Skinny Jeans, American Eagle [SIMILAR] | Riding boots, … Keep reading…

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