More is More (Fall Edition)

An outfit post? What is this, a fashion blog or something? Expect this month to be content heavy. (Read my latest Instagram post to see why—also, it’s just my favorite season to style.) I love how this outfit came together, especially because I wasn’t sure what to do with two of the key pieces when I got them. I actually selected this … Keep reading…

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IVF: On Feeling Pretty while Feeling Everything

I feel like I’ve been drowning in infertility treatment. For those lucky souls unfamiliar with this particular type of torture, know this: it is time consuming. First there’s the appointments, logically. But with the appointments come the traveling to the appointments and the waiting rooms and the paperwork and the trying-to-make-sure-you-pay-everyone billing. Then there’s the medication. But with the medication comes tracking … Keep reading…

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Bell Bottom Babe

I love flair jeans for fall, but since summer is apparently never ending – what, no one else feel that way? – I have to learn to style them for warm weather. To do so, I reached for my trusty (and very old) button-up tank and a few DIY accessories. Oh, and a neck scarf, because it’s me and I can’t help … Keep reading…

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Layered Dresses | Boho Floral Summer Outfit

I was searching for a slip to wear under this yellow dress when I stumbled upon this black floral frock in my closet. Actually, it’s more of a glorified smock if I’m being honest – I wear it only when I’m feeling confident enough to show off 75%+ of my bra. Since it has so little fabric, I thought perhaps it could be … Keep reading…

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