Blog Birthday | Oh, Julia Ann Turns FIVE!

I registered my site five years ago today, says WordPress. A little trophy popped up on my dashboard this morning to remind me. “Keep up the good blogging,” it says. Five years. Five years?! How has it been five years? I remember the day I registered the site incredibly well. I was working on a little 11-inch netbook while watching TV in … Keep reading…

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Denim Dress + Boho Accessories

Apparently I’m becoming addicted to denim. A quick scroll through my Instagram feed shows I cannot get enough of the fabric, and the love affair isn’t ending soon. With this hot weather comes another reason to douse yourself in denim – chambray and lightweight denim keep you cool, and the fabric can typically handle machine washing (to deal with all your… uh… glistening.) … Keep reading…

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Midi Pencil Skirt Love

I love all the looks I feature on this site, but today I’m showing off one I also love wearing. What’s the difference? This is one of the most comfortable looks in my closet because the skirt is entirely stretchy. Nothing is ever in the wrong place because it is literally an elastic-like tube of comfort. Paired with a soft cotton tee … Keep reading…

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More Prints, Please

Anyone else turn to small, unnecessary household chores when the must-do list is overwhelming? I do, and that’s how I ended up cleaning our closet last week. Nothing like impending, stressful deadlines to light a fire under my ass… for the wrong task. On a happy note, cleaning my closet introduced me to some unusual apparel pairs, like this patterned cold should … Keep reading…

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