So Sparkly: DIY Sequin Patch Pin Tutorial

Don’t we all need more sequins in our lives?

Dumb question. The answer is obviously.

As if I haven’t talked about the Karlie Kloss x Express collection enough, I’m going to do it again. One of my favorite features seen throughout the line was the embellishments. Like let’s look here at this denim jacket…

Image courtesy of Express

Cute right? I love the sequin lips pin with the hanging details. It’s such a rad way to include a patch without permanently altering the item – and since more is more, the dangling jewels are an appreciated addition.

But the #Karlie4Express denim jacket I got does not include pins (and the cut is a little more my style, so I’m not bummed at all it is the one I was gifted.) Since even I cannot justify getting both lightwash Karlie denim jackets, I decided to create my own sequin patch pin to put on my jacket.

And in true Julia fashion, I got way too into it and made several. Whoops.

Here’s what you need…

  • Patch(es)
  • Scissors
  • Pin backs
  • Glue
  • Thick needle
  • Jewelry embellishments
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Fabric (optional)

And here’s what you do…

  • If you patch is sticky on the back, add fabric on the back and trim excess.
  • Use your thick needle to poke holes where you want the jewelry embellishments to hang. This creates a nice hole for your jump ring.
  • Attach jewelry embellishments using small pliers.
  • Add a pin back with glue and let dry.

Oh, and it works with little tiny patches too. I’ve (or should I say eye-ve, HAHAHA) been looking for the perfect spot for this vintage caged tear drop pearl for years, and this is definitely it.

I’m a little obsessed. You might have spotted the pins on the site (here and here) already because I wore them before editing the tutorial. I mean… I’m not swimming in patience. Can pretty pins be a virtue instead?

Find your favorite patches perfect for this project below.

Anyone else have a serious craving for crafts lately? Tell me what you’ve been making in the comments!

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