Updating Our Porch for Autumn

I think I’m addicted to pumpkins. Admitting it is the first step, right? Every time I see another adorable outdoor fall accessory I want it for our autumn porch. But can you blame me? Look how  great it came together! The spooky Halloween lights will go up soon, but it keeps raining and I’m not in the mood to deal with the … Keep reading…

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15 Leopard Coats + Jackets for Fall

You don’t think about the importance of stylish outerwear until you need a coat and the only ones you can find do nothing but hide an otherwise exciting outfit. No? Just me? Since more is more, I like a jacket with pizzazz. Patterns! Details! Pockets! And I’ve been impatiently waiting for more chilly weather so I can wear this leopard topper again. … Keep reading…

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Fall Casual #OOTD

Working for yourself has some serious perks. You determine your hours. You select why type of work you’ll do. And since you aren’t leaving the house, you don’t have to suit up for the office. That might be my favorite one. Most days, I’m wearing athleisure apparel or jeans and a tee. While I adore showing my more exciting looks on this … Keep reading…

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Black and White and Spooky All Over | Halloween-Inspired Autumn Outfit

I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever been so excited for Halloween, and I don’t even have particularly holiday big plans. This summer has been a shit show—not bad, and honestly a ton of fun, but a shit show nevertheless. I’m still learning the ropes of this self-employed schedule, and after spending so much time at my house I’m thrilled for the change … Keep reading…

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