Fall Casual #OOTD

Working for yourself has some serious perks. You determine your hours. You select why type of work you’ll do. And since you aren’t leaving the house, you don’t have to suit up for the office. That might be my favorite one.

Most days, I’m wearing athleisure apparel or jeans and a tee. While I adore showing my more exciting looks on this site, it seems insincere to skip over my ‘normal’ #OOTD. So in all of its not-too-exciting glory, here’s how I’d look if you randomly met me at the grocery store. Hello, casual apparel!

When I don’t want to have to think when pulling together an outfit, I select neutral after neutral. It’s hard to screw things up when you only pull from that pile. This Free People tee, found at Marshall’s, can go with black, brown, or grey—so I selected them all, obviously!

I love keeping things lighthearted, so I knew I had to have this quirky AEO sale scarf the minute I saw it; the doodles drawn on range from tacos to rainbows to avocados. (How hip!) I love the flair a scarf adds to an outfit, but truth be told I like wearing them to avoid and/or cover up stains. A neck scarf keeps my foundation from touching my shirt when I undoubtedly am looking at the floor to find something I dropped, and depending on the size it can be re-positioned throughout the day to cover the ample coffee stains I collect over time.

Fashion… Function… Can’t a girl have both?


  1. Wolfgang
    October 7, 2017 / 11:25 am

    You look fantastic! These boots are awesome!

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