20 Ways to Style Denim Shorts

It is officially summer, and I’m stuck inside sick. Grrr. Sinus infections! *shakes fist* To kick off the season without actually leaving my bed, I’ve rounded up twenty ways to style my favorite summer staple: denim shorts. Turns out, they actually go with everything. Shorts with an Extra-Long Vest Shorts with a Head Scarf Shorts with Your Husband’s Shirt Shorts with a Sheer … Keep reading…

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Dessert Law

There is a hierarchy of desserts, and I am here to break it down for you. It is important to note your categories: cookies and sponges, like cakes or brownies; candy, both homemade and store-bought, plus brittle; creams, including ice cream, custard, and pudding; and fruit-based treats, including pies and tarts but not fruit by itself because that it fruit and not … Keep reading…

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Styled Like Mom | Mother’s Day Twinning

My mom is the shit. Would it be weird if I sent her a Mother’s Day card that just said that? My mother has a fantastic eye for design and great tastes. We agree on almost all aspects of fashion and style… and when we disagree, we sing “You’re wrongggg, wwww-rrr-ooooo-nnn-gggg!” to each other and probably drive away could-be friends who think … Keep reading…

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Changing Minds; Changing Seasons

Shorts with tights was the dumbest idea. I was 110% against it when it surfaced a few years ago and swore I’d never partake. It’s the stupidest concept— if you want to cover your legs, wear some damn pants, or at least a skirt with tights. Shorts are for showing off your stems, period. Stop making shit weird. In a previous life, I … Keep reading…

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