Dressing Up A Dinosaur (Necklace)

You know those online articles you click on before bed? The ones that lead you to another article and another article and another article and by the end you have no freaking idea why you’re looking at ‘31 Things That Are Too Funny For [Job Title You Don’t Have]’ or ‘11 Times [Literally Anything] Went Out of Control.’ Of course you are. … Keep reading…

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Short Skirts

Funny story: The name Oh, Julia Ann came from one of my old AIM screen names. I picked it back then because of the sort of annoyed way someone might say my name when baffled or peeved. It’s heavy on the “oooh,” you see. “Oh, Julia Ann, don’t say that!” “Oh, Julia Ann, get your hair off your face.” “Oh, Julia Ann, that skirt … Keep reading…

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Summer Blues

♫ ♪ ♩ Oh, the weather outside is frightful / and the knits in my closet look delightful / which has made me miss the days of snow / humidity can go, it can go, it can go…(straight to hell.) ♩  ♪ ♬  Notice the mystical look to the air in these photos? That’s the humidity, and I am over it. So done. Summer … Keep reading…

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Quarter-past the whiskers.

My mother came to visit a few weekends ago to help with early wedding stuff — deciding on colors, attending a bridal show, other really rad mother-daughter stuff. While she was here, we realized I’d be 25 by the next time I saw her. (My birthday is later this month.) So obviously, she gave me a cat watch. I can’t imagine a better … Keep reading…

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